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Phone: 302-368-9931

21 Myers Rd.

Newark, DE 19713

Email: CustomCoatingsandDesigns@gmail.com

Custom Coatings & Designs performs structural repairs as well. There are a wide range of designed systems for structural repairs that depend on the individual job. Common structural crack repairs are treated by a high pressure structural injection. If a structural crack is determined to have movement or deflection, we will drill and insert an anchoring system or the required rebar dowel to intersect the crack or joint every foot

prior to the epoxy injection. For horizontal surfaces and substrates, a structural repair epoxy resin gravity fed

may be necessary in place of the structural injection. Theres a tool for every job and a structural repair is not the best solution for every situation. 

Cracks in a poured foundation during the early years of construction is extremely common. Most foundation cracks are non-structural caused from the settlement of your home and/or shrinkage cracks from the new pour of concrete. Most of the time the crack can be treated by a  Hydro-Active Grout Crack-Injection. This  is a permanent solution that will make a watertight gasket through the entire foundation. We have perfected this system to give you piece of mind of a permanent seal and the most cost effective approach making it extremely affordable to protect the foundation of your largest investment "We treat your home like its our own"


There is a wide range of Waterproofing Systems for every situation. Water can make its way into the a few different ways. One of the most common is cracks in the poured foundation. This is extremely common in basement first few years of a new built home. The sight of water in the basement strikes terror in a homeowners mind, leading them to believe their entire basement is going to flood. This is not always the case. Foundation leaks happen for many different reasons. Basement leaks cause fear and panic for homeowners, leaving them vulnerable to greedy waterproof companies to take advantage. Here at Custom Coatings & Designs we analyse your specific situation to determine the best and most cost effective Waterproof System for your situation. We offer warranties for all of our systems and backed with a manufactures warranty.



Interior and exterior drain tiles and french drains are sometimes a required waterproofing system for the right situation. This is sometimes required for stone, brick, and block foundation but not always the best solution depending on your specific situation. If your foundation required these waterproofing systems Custom Coatings & Designs has you covered for the best and most cost effective package with our free estimates.


Every situation is unique and requires a specific waterproofing system. If your situation required exterior excavation for a positive side waterproof membrane and or exterior tile drain system Custom Coatings & Designs has got you covered. There is a tool for every job and excavation is not the best solution or most cost efficient for every situation. All of Custom Coating & Designs waterproofing systems comes with warranties and manufactures warranty.